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Dooley's Got Talent!

Order your copy of the Dooley's Got Talent DVD now. The pre sale price is $15.00. You will not want to miss out on seeing all the talent that Dooley has to offer. If you have misplaced your order form, come pick another one up in the office. 

DVD release party will be held December 15th! Details coming soon.  The price goes up on December 15th. So order your copy now!


AT DOOLEY WE ARE HAPPY!! Click the link and you will see just how HAPPY we are at Dooley

Read to succeed: home reading program

K-2 students are to read 20 or minutes each night.

3-5 students are to read 30 or minutes each night.

Students will receive a prize for every twenty-five nights they read.

Parents, please check for your student's reading log and make sure they read each night.

Don't forget to use the back of the reading log to ask your student(s) a few questions about what they read.

Donation of the Month- November


If you are looking for a way to support our school/your student(s) classroom(s), we would gladly accept boxes of tissue for the classroom. It's getting colder and students start to need more tissue during these months. If you decide to donate this item, please send it with your student(s) to bring to his/her/their teacher(s). Thank you. :)

Dooley Dragons Achieve It!

A- Ask questions

C- Communicate Clearly

H- Help yourself-Take a risk

I - Ideas become reality

E- Earn and give respect

V- Value each other

E- Education is the key


I - Imagine what you can do

T- Try your best